Between the latest exploits, revolutionary equipment or important events around paragliding, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the information that circulates on the internet. So we took great pleasure in making a non-exhaustive summary in only 10 points!

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The first French Coupe Icare took place on 28 and 29 September 1974.  This event was repeated in China for the first time in July 2018. There are now two Coupe Icare events in the world. The 48th edition took place in 2021.


The distance and flight time record was broken on June 19, 2021 by Sébastien Kayrouz. A route of 615.02 km for a flight of 10.50 hours from Texas !!!!


Maud Perrin is the first female pilot to pass the Stall to Infinit invented by Théo de Blic. Video posted on her Instagram account on October 21, 2021, you can see Maud in Ölüdeniz equipped with the Carlito 14 from airG Products.


The pilot who reached the highest altitude while flying? Antoine Girard and his 8,407 m altitude. Once again in Pakistan, Antoine broke his previous records on July 23rd 2021 in 5h35 of flight.


The lightest paragliding harness in the world weighs only 99 grams and was designed by Ozone. It is even certified at 15G for a weight of 100 kg!


In terms of landing accuracy, the FAI‘s world ranking does not put France in a good light… Indonesia and Slovenia are on the podium while we are in 48th position thanks to Johan Thierriaz (out of a total of 2293 pilots).


Does 20 September 2018 bring back memories? No ? Well, it was on this date that Bulgarian Veso Ovcharov broke the Infinity Tumbling rotation record! How many? 613 rotations to be exact! Here is the video of his flight from a hot air balloon.


Paragliding as a means of transport for slacklining… This was done in 2016 by Eliot Nochez, Thibault Cheval, Julien Millot, Hugues Baschet and their gang, and it’s called “Bob, je quitte le navire“. A concept also taken up by the flying Frenchies. Here’s the video!


The world record for the longest distance ridden in a triangle was set by Maxime Pinot. On April 23, 2021, starting from Saint-Hilaire du Touvet, Maxime completed 308.9 km with an Enzo 3 from Ozone. Here is his track.


Flyeo is the first school to have created single-surface courses! Yes, it was in 2017 with Airdesign UFOs, we even made an appearance in Parapente Mag, do you remember that? 🤩 We even kept the article: ParapenteMag – Stage Monosurface.

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