13 December 2017

Acro paragliding course

FLYEO can teach you the most exhilarating form of paragliding, want to learn how to do those manoeuvres you see on all those you tube videos, come and learn with us. This aerobatics course is dedicated to learning acro manoeuvres or students that want to progress within aerobatics. A prerequisite: master the stall in all circumstances!



  • Mastering collapses.
  • Master the committed 360 °.
  • Master the stall in any situation because it is often the "emergency exit door" of many paragliding manoeuvres.
  • Have some notion of wing-overs.
  • The pace is constant, with up to 5 flights a day, so you must be in good physical and mental condition!


Learn and progress in acro, from SAT to INFINITY TUMBLING. : The FLYEO team has the skills to make you progress in all types of aerobatic manoeuvres (Wing over, asymmetric Sat, tumbling, helicopter, infinity tumbling ...). We take into account your equipment and your pilot skills to individualise the course to you.


The ACRO FLYEO course is personalised coaching. We work on the precise details of piloting so that you can have the technical knowledge and you can then reproduce them during your personal training.


  • Over 3 days during the weekend, from April to the end of October (except the period of July and August, when SIV courses are forbidden in the area).
  • 1st day: appointment at 8am at school. Material conformation + technical briefing (required).
  • Each pilot defines their program with the instructor according to their level (the groups can therefore be of varying levels, this is not a problem).
  • Departure to the Forclaz Pass for approximately 5 flights depending on the weather and the physical conditions of the pilots.
  • Each flight is filmed and followed by a briefing on the ground to prepare for the next flight.
  • The end of the day, back in the briefing room to watch the videos and prepare for the next day's program.


There are few paragliding schools which are able to teach you aerobatics paragliding until INFINITY TUMBLING. Our instructors fly regularly, that's why FLYEO is the school that will get you to really progress in acro!


  • You must be insured.
  • Your wing must be in flight ready condition and recently reviewed by a professional.
  • Your reserve must be packed, certified by a club or BE in the last 6 months. We can do the packing before the course, price €45. Contact us to confirm an appointment if you want your reserve packed by Flyeo.
  • Radio charged (a water proof bag to protect it will be provided). Flyeo no longer provides Radio's for SIV courses. We have radios for sale in the shop, click here to buy one, and have it waiting for you when you arrive for the course.
  • We lend out headsets for Kenwood, Midland, Icom and Yeasu radios, so please bring a headset for other brands.
  • Thank you for returning to us the completed pilot sheet available for download here: pilot information form english or french version SIV pilot file.



  • € 540 per person for 3 days.
  • At the end of the internship, you can order your videos to review in the future. Price = €20  per person.

ALL OUR STUDENTS RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT ON PARAGLIDERS, HARNESSES AND RESERVES DURING THEIR COURSES (non combinable offer: the best available discount for the client will be applied).

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