13 December 2017

Advance single skin course- Mountain flying

Have you already done a beginner single skin course? or are you already a paraglider and want to discover the joys of flying a single skin wing?



This course is for pilots who have already followed a single skin beginner course at FLYEO, or for paragliding pilots wishing to learn the specifics of these mountain wings.


  • The objective of FLYEO is to make you acquire confidence on take-offs and landings during small of large flights in the mountains. We will focus on your landing details first.
  • We will go through together the flight checks and we will multiply the situations in order for you to acquire the practice of adaptation.
  • Discover and master the fast descent methods specific to the single-surface UFO.
  • This course, flying into the wind and flying turbulence will be part of the learning curve.
  • Ground control of this paraglider
  • Theoretical courses suitable for the practice of mountain flying.


The FLYEO team will optimise the days to achieve a quantity of flight adapted to mountain flying conditions. We will discuss the dynamic aspect of piloting, spiralling (360 accelerated), big ears. The theoretical contents will be mainly related to the analysing the situations encountered during flights.


FLYEO will individualise their teaching methods according to your level and the situations encountered. The objective is to leave this course by having practical experience and clear reflections on how to  fly alone on future flights.


  • Hold a medical certificate of no contraindications to the practice of free flight dating less than 2 years before the start of training.
  • For minors: hold parental permission from parents.
  • If you do not have a license, you will have to take one on the first day of the course. The fee ranges from € 27 for a 7-day student license, to more than € 100 for the year: to do with your instructor on site.


€ 120 per person and per day.

ALL OUR STUDENTS RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT ON PARAGLIDERS, HARNESSES AND RESERVES DURING THEIR COURSES (non combinable offer: the best available discount for the client will be applied).

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