31 August 2018

Advance Single Skin course – Mountain flying

Have you already completed a beginner single skin course? Or are you a qualified pilot and want to discover the joys of flying a single skin wing?

FLYEO are here to offer you one of the most unique paragliding courses in the world. Discover the joys of the new cutting edge design of the single skin paraglider.


• You have completed a beginner single skin course with FLYEO

• You are a qualified paraglider pilot wishing to discover a new discipline.


• FLYEO's objective is to give you the skills and confidence on take-offs and landings during short or long Hike & Fly plans in the Alpine environment. 

• Developing our flight plan to encompass the mountaineering phase of the discipline.

• Discover and master the fast descent methods specific to the single-surface glider.

• Progressing our piloting skills on single skin gliders by flying through greater scope of conditions.


• The FLYEO team will adapt the days' flying in accordance to the conditions optimised for mountain flying.

• How to pilot the single skin canopy: For previously qualified pilots we discuss different aspects of how to control the wing compared to a standard paraglider. We will also cover rapid descent techniques including spirals, rapid 360s and big ears.

• Route planning: This course is as much about Hiking and mountaineering as it is flying. We will go into detail about correct route planning when analysing a potential summit for a Hike & Fly as well as how to choose the correct face and launch point for different times of day.

• Ground-Handling on the single skin: Weather dependent, pilots will also participate in Ground-Handling sessions with the single-skin gliders. Students progress a lot during these sessions due to the unique launch characteristics of these gliders.


• Hike & Fly Route planning: Using relief map and other tools, we teach students how to plan potential Hike & Fly routes as well as teaching relevant mountaineering skills.

• Meteo reading and forecasting: Being able to correctly read the forecast for this discipline of paragliding is an important skill to have and is the first step of any flight. We look at what to look for, different forecasting apps and important local knowledge, crucial to flying in any Alpine environment.


• Flyeo instructors are fully qualified BHPA instructors and Flyeo is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school as well as a Fédération française de vol libre (FFVL) registered school.

• Our pedagogy is to constantly question, in order to develop and improve to bring you the best methods for instructing. We want to exceed your expectations!


• You must be insured

• Hold a medical certificate allowing you to practice the activity of free flight valid within 2 years before the start of training.

• If you do not have a license, you will have to take one on the first day of the course. The fee ranges from € 27 for a 7-day student license, to more than € 100 for the year.

• For minors: hold parental permission from parents.


(non combinable offer: the best available discount for the client will be applied).

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