5 December 2018

Educational Tandem


Do you want to take your first steps towards learning to paraglide? Receive a comprehensive introduction to this sport with our highly experienced team of Instructors.


• Your thinking of starting to learn to fly and wish to gain a better understanding of paragliding.

• You want to experience more than just sitting in the passenger seat!

Don't take a chance, Leave it to the Experts...

Flyeo Paragliding School is globally regarded as one of the best institutions teaching paragliding pilotage and skills courses: Our tandem pilots are some of the most current and well-trained instructors in the world.

General Information

Flight duration is usually approximately 20 mins

After 1 hour of ground-handling where you get to know the paraglider and learn to inflate it, you then go to carry out your Educational Tandem where your instructor will let you take control whilst teaching you more skills

All Educational Tandems take place between 9 - 11 am: when conditions are optimal.

All passengers must turn up at least 15 mins prior to booking time

Departure by shuttle with your Pilot to the Take-Off point situated at the Forclaz Pass

Landing at the Doussard Landing field, next to Flyeo HQ

Essentials: Sunglasses, jacket, closed shoes and a big smile!