10 April 2018

Elementary Pilot Course (EP)

Do you dream of flying on your own? Make that dream come true with our Elementary Pilot Course (EP). Do not hesitate to discover the joys of paragliding with our dynamic and professional team at FLYEO during our paragliding lessons.

The Elementary Pilot Course is a beginner paragliding course. This is a five day course to learn how to fly a paraglider and at the end of it you will have your Elementary Pilot qualification under the BHPA (British Handgliding and Paragliding Association). This course will take you from ground handling to low level flying and your progression is logged in the student training record book. By the end of the course, you will be able to fly your paraglider solo but will need a BHPA instructor present. To be able to fly solo without an instructor present the qualification you will need is the Club Pilot rating, at Flyeo we do a combined ten day course for an EP & CP course.

Flyeo was founded in 2006 and has been a French school since it was founded, we are now a BHPA school. Our instructors are high-level pilots, we have Acro pilots, Paragliding World Cup (PWC), Cross Country (XC) experts and a Current British Team Member. We are situated by Annecy lake in one of the paragliding meccas of the world. There are around 300 flyable days per year here and you get to fly in the French Alps one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world. Some of the best paragliding pilots in the world live here for these reasons.



  • Want to learn to fly a paraglider with no experience
  • Gain the Elementary Pilot BHPA qualification and learn with a BHPA instructor
  • 5 day course
  • Paragliding equipment hire included


If you want to learn a paraglider with little or no experience and progress to the stage of low-level flying as an Elementary Pilot.

If you want to have more of an insight into what it means to begin paragliding please read the Elementary Pilot Training Guide


To learn to fly a paraglider by learning the following techniques

  • Ground training
  • Ground handling
  • Getting Airbourne
  • Flight exercises
  • Theory and examination (including final assessment)


The BHPA syllabus is as follows

Elementary Pilot Syllabus

Phase 1: Ground Training

Introductory talk
Site assessment briefing
Introduction to canopy and equipment
Avoiding/minimising injury

Phase 2: Ground handling

Briefing- pre-flight checks
Preparation-putting on your paraglider and equipment
Inflation-take off’s with the glider
Directional control

Phase 3: First hops

Getting airborne – low level flights

Phase 4 : Flight exercises

Eventualities briefing
Commands and communications briefing
Responsibilities briefing
Flights- Maintaining course and airspeed
Flights- Introducing turns
flights- Completing simple flight plans

Phase 5: Theory and examination

Principles of flight
Rules of the air and air law
Elementary stage examination


Flyeo instructors are fully qualified BHPA instructors and Flyeo is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school as well as an FFVL registered school.

Our pedagogy is to constantly question, in order to develop and improve the best methods to teach you. We want to exceed your expectation!



€775 for Elementary Pilot paragliding course this includes 5 days of tuition, paragliding equipment hire. You can book accommodation with our friend Seb at his Gite for €15 a night.

€840 for Club Pilot paragliding course this includes 5 days of tuition, paragliding equipment hire. You can book accommodation with our friend Seb at his Gite for €15 a night.

€1500 for Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot paragliding combined course this includes 5 days of tuition, paragliding equipment hire. You can book accommodation with our friend Seb at his Gite for €15 a night.

We have the following courses available:
EP course on 20-24th August
CP course on 27-31st August
CP+ course on 30th July – 3rd of August

ALL OUR STUDENTS RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT ON PARAGLIDERS, HARNESSES AND RESERVES DURING THEIR COURSES (non combinable offer: the best available discount for the client will be applied).


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