12 December 2017

FLYEO paragliding school

Have you taken a tandem flight over Lake Annecy? If not FLYEO offers tandems flights from the Forclaz pass in the Haute-Savoie, France.

If you have and fell in love with flying, come and learn with Flyeo. We provide introductory training courses to get you started on your flying journey. We can accompany you through your training with our cross country, single skin and vol biv courses…

And if you want to push yourself even further, FLYEO specialises in SIV training (‘Simulation d’Incident en Vol’ or unstable situations in flight). Come and test yourself over Lake Annecy and progress to acrobatics if you wish!

Our team is composed of acrobatic paraglider specialists (acro) and our pedagogy is proven for SIV!

You will also find in our shop everything you could need for your paragliding adventures.