Do you want to discover paragliding? Perhaps you have already heard of it? Are you still hesitating?

For many people, this is an extreme and dizzying activity, which requires an enormous amount of madness and courage.

Let us explain the process of a tandem flight to demystify it all.

vue sur le lac d'annecy
baptême de parapente, peur au décollage
Un pilote et son passager sous un parapente biplace au dessus du lac
Let the adventure begin…

On a hike, during your holidays or a weekend…

…your goal is the Col de la Forclaz. A must-see site around Lake Annecy. Once at the top, it’s impossible to miss them! A hundred or so wings are in the air. Some very close to the relief, others so far away that it is difficult to distinguish them. A magnificent and silent ballet is offered to you. It makes you dream. It intrigues.

The decision is made. You want to be part of this wonderful show.

The instructor offers you different types of flights. Discovery, thermal, sensations, prestige. What are the differences? The first one takes place in the morning and lasts 10 to 15 minutes. Would you like to get some height and discover the landscape from a new angle? Then he will introduce you to the thermal flight or prestige flight. The first lasts 30 minutes, the second 45 minutes. The choice is made, your first flight will be the thermal flight.
The next day, the meeting takes place at our school located in Doussard, right next to the landing field. In a relaxed atmosphere and far from the summer hubbub, you will meet your pilot and get to know each other. It will also be possible to do a “nervous wee” as we commonly call it.
After checking the equipment and receiving personal instructions, passengers and pilots board the shuttle. Heading for take-off….
Tick tock tick tock…

The drive is done in about 25 minutes, the time to bombard him with questions!

Once you reach the top, there is no time to think. The instructor equips you with a harness, a helmet and takes a few photos to capture the moment. Today, the wind will help us to take off, he announces. The glider is spread out on the take-off, the instructor attaches you to him and the glider. The adrenaline makes your heart beat faster and faster. “We’re going to take a few strides forward,” says the pilot. He then raises the glider above his head, you feel that it wants to take off. A few steps later, you leave the ground.

navette flyeo baptêmes
décollage en baptême parapente
baptême parapente selfie au décollage

Leaving the ground to glide calmly…

It is one of the most vibrant things you can experience. A unique and unforgettable experience. Some people become aware of the immensity of the world, others just let go. You feel freer than ever. Sitting in a comfortable harness, you are now surfing on invisible waves of air.

Every element around you is new. The mountain to your right offers surprising details, you can study the rock, its vegetation and sometimes even come across animals. Often birds (golden eagles, vultures, buzzards) show the way and fly with you.

Once at altitude, it is possible to see Mont Blanc. To the left, Lake Annecy appears to you in a brilliant blue. You slalom on the warm air currents and among the other paragliders. You are now part of the ballet.

It is already time to return to earth. The landing is smooth. The adrenalin is at its peak, it is often hard to get back on the ground. Your instructor folds the glider and you return to the school. A chill area is at your disposal, where you can watch your photos and videos on a screen.

The adventure is already over. Full of new memories, it will surely be the most exciting activity done around Lake Annecy!

Some will even decide to sign up for an initiation paragliding course to fly on their own 😉

We would like to welcome you to the world of flying!
See you soon in the sky of Annecy!


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