During the flight

First of all, it is important to know that our pilots are equipped with professional on-board cameras (GoPro) which they use during the flight. These allow them to take photos (about 25) and videos (about three) from different points of view throughout the flight. To make sure that this unforgettable moment is forever remembered!

If you are comfortable, the instructor can give you the hand on the camera, to take your own shots during the flight. But don’t forget to keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the fabulous scenery! The instructors know all the best shots, so trust their experience!

vol voile bleue lac d'annecy
After the flight

Once you have landed, you are back at school. This is where you can view all the photos and videos of your flight on our tablets. This is also the opportunity to show your flight to your friends and family who stayed on the ground. If you like the photos, you can leave with an SD card with all the content of your flight for an extra 30 euros. We can also transfer them directly to your phone. You can then share your experience on social networks, with friends or simply keep them for yourself. 😉 Don’t forget to tag us!

Take your GoPro

Finally, if you have your own camera, you can take it with you as long as it is equipped with a chest harness or a pole with a solid attachment (a carabiner for example). We do not allow helmet attachments for your safety.

If the instructor judges that your equipment does not comply with the regulations (e.g. risk of discomfort during take-off), you will not be able to take your equipment on board during the flight.

In any case, our pilots will share their photographic experience in order to immortalise the moment, leaving you free to enjoy your flight hands free!


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