Progress with a SIV – meet Stéphane Azzopardi

Where does the need to do a SIV course come from in a pilot's progression? Let's try to get some answers with Stéphane.

Equipped with the Airdesign Soar, he will be tackling different manoeuvres for his 2nd SIV with Flyeo.

  • Hi Stéphane, to begin with, could you introduce yourself? Can you give us a summary of your experience in paragliding?

Stéphane, 31, iPhone application developer
I did 3 courses before becoming autonomous:

– Initiation course in July 2017
– Dune du Pilat course in June 2018
– Progression course in August 2018

Once autonomous, I quickly moved from Lyon to Annecy (Sévrier then Lathuile in reality) to be able to fly much more often.

Then I completed my training at Flyeo with :

– A day of SIV in October 2019
– Cross country training in August 2020

  • What where your needs for this SIV course?

I have a strong desire to do cross country but I have a rather fearful temperament which hinders me in my attempts at distance flying. I take a lot of margins in my decisions in flight and this sometimes penalises me. I needed to gain confidence in my piloting skills and my ability to react to unexpected events. For example, I used to make a mountain out of autorotations, hoping it would never happen to me…

  • So did you achieve your objectives? What did the course bring you?

Above all, this course allowed me to break down the fears I had built up on my own. It’s incredible to see how much less frightening the reality of manoeuvres is than I had imagined. I even found autorotation to be quite fun!
The results far exceeded my objectives! I think that I understand and above all spot certain situations better in flight.

  • Do you think you are now able to train alone above the ground?

Clearly, I will continue to work on the exercises seen in SIV. For the stalls I’m not sure, but for the collapses, wing over, negative 360s, parachutals with the Bs, there is no doubt!

  • What are the next steps to maintain/continue your progression?

I haven’t scheduled my next course yet, I think I need to build up some volume and experience now.
My goals at the moment are to expand my ‘flying area’ and get my tandem certificate by the end of the year. I dream of being able to share flights with my non-paragliding friends.
I also hope to have the opportunity to pull my reserve parachute on a future supervised course!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us,
see you soon in the air!


Stéphane's video!

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