Progress in acro – meet Cédric Garin

interview cédric
Acrobatics doesn't happen overnight, even if your name is Théo de Blic... It requires training and regularity.
This is why Cédric chose to progress in SIV with his Epsilon 8 and the acro 3.
Here is his interview which will surely inspire us as much as the high level pilots, because they all started there.
  • Hi Cedric! What motivated you to start acro ? Are there any pilots that inspire you?

I started paragliding 12 years ago. I started doing my first SIV course in 2014.
My primary motivation was a challenge I set myself. This allowed me to face my fears. To be in control of my emotions (to manage my mind, to know how to manage my gestures, and to optimize my piloting actions, such as knowing how to look, knowing how to find my way in space).
The ground handling allowed me to be at one with the glider, to gain confidence and to be able to play with it, this gave me the desire to live a new adventure: the SIV with the FLYEO school with the coach Fabien Blanco.
I know that I need time to achieve this new challenge, which is why I set myself a regular schedule of 3 SIV courses per year, between which I put my skills into practice. Fabien and I have set up a progression programme so that I can perform his solo scales above the ground.

I was inspired by :
Raoul Rodriguez for his creativity in acro.
Jim Nougarolles for his dexterity in piloting.
Jean-Baptiste Chandelier for his fluidity in close flying.
Mike Küng for his ground control.

  • What equipment did you come with for this SIV? What else do you fly with?

I started my SIV with an Advance model Alpha 5 (size 28), which helped me to gain confidence in 360°, stall exit, autorotation, wings and stalls.
I changed wing after I’ve validated manoeuvres and this one being at the end of its life, I switched to the Espsilon 8 (EN-B, size 27), I worked on my stalls, learnt wings over, SAT, spins, and currently I am learning the heli.
These are wings that have allowed me to take the time to understand each manoeuvre without getting into a tizzy, and to have the time to digest my sensations in the face of my emotions.
My harness is an acro3 (size M), equipped with releasable carabiners, and a Rogallo BeamerIII rescue and 1 GIN square Yeti cross 32 rescue.

Otherwise I fly cross country with a Mac Para model Eden 6 (size 28), with which I mastered my manoeuvres learned in SIV training.

  • What are your goals? Your favourite manoeuvre?

My goal is to continue to progress while enjoying myself. I can have a look at my technical and mental progress. This allows me to have confidence in myself.

My favourite trick: The complex wing over. It gives me great sensations, such as the thrill, the glide, the fun and the technique.

  • Would you like to share your sensations with us?

I am a pilot who took the time to learn, and to play on the school slope, before making my first big flights, it took me 2 years. Because of my emotions which were obstacles, I had to overcome my fears, I had to be persevering, motivated and rigorous. It required a financial commitment, a family commitment, and a personal investment, as well as regularity.

I would like to thank the people who supported me in this adventure, especially Thierry Dufour, Fabien Blanco and Julien Serre. Through this experience, I was able to meet some great people.

  •  What is the most important memory of this SIV? And the tip from Fab that you remember?

Each new manoeuvre is always significant for me, and always requires a step forward.

Fabien’s advice is: you know yourself, you need time to progress, be calm, breathe and be patient.

  • How often do you think you will train after this course?

I came to the Chamonix valley to settle down, to have a site where I could train with height and fly regularly, and be in a sporty energy. To get there, I got a job as a lift mechanic on the Domaine du Brévent with the Compagnie du Mont Blanc, in order to have financial stability. This allows me to free up funds for my progression and my commitment to paragliding.
For my progression, I have set up a visualization work that I do regularly when I am not flying, using videos taken during my manoeuvres on my smartphone.
I have also set up a mental preparation videoconference with Delphine Pille when I feel the need.

Thank you so much for finding the time to respond sincerely, seeing so much dedication to the practice is very inspiring!
See you soon


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