First edition 2021 – meet Jean-Pierre Liotier

déco Jean-Pierre
With 4 other students, Jean-Pierre will be thermalling for 2 days.

Equipped with the Symphonia from Phi, he will discover the advice of our instructors to improve his flying skills.

  • Hello Jean-Pierre, could you start by telling us about your experience before this course?

I have been flying for 4 years regularly. At the beginning, I did a lot of ballistic flights with mini wings as well as mountain flights with a light wing. I did a flying course at Flyeo in 2019 which I really enjoyed.

  • What made you want to do this 1st thermal weekend?

I fly thermals near my home and I wanted to understand thermal centring. I would like to progress further to do cross country flights near my home.

  • What were you able to experience and learn that was new to you?

I was able to see the importance of the cockpit, the harness is essential in the flight and Flyeo showed me how to better adjust it. The flight exercises were very beneficial with a little extra for the flight with an instructor on the take off and an instructor in the air with the students, and all this in radio transmission.

  • What was the best moment during these two days?

Two flights at the Col du Sapenay, one of which lasted 1h30 with very interesting exercises.

  • What are your next goals to keep progressing?

I have a personal goal at home by 2022 so I will continue with the exercises I learned at Flyeo.

We wish you success with your goals then,
see you soon in the air!


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