TEDx Talks are the easiest and most exciting way to discover the experience and knowledge of another person through lectures. So many presentations to discover! So we made a small selection around the theme of the mind, a necessary tool to progress in paragliding and in any other sport.

Bruno Le Gal
17 minutes

Mindset: the power of your change

[Video in French] Finding all aspects of our mind to be able to perform and grow in the face of failures and successes. This is what you can discover thanks to this conference given by a French ju-jitsu coach. A story of an enriching experience at the world championships.

Martin Hagger
12 minutes

The psychology of sport

Here international athletes inspire the conference. How to set clear and achievable goals? By using the acronym SMARTER for example. It is also good to find motivation and self-confidence to reach your goal by having breathing exercises or a particular routine.

Aymeric Guillot
17 minutes

Mental imagery to (re)train the brain and the body

[Video in French] Imagining your cross country flights, the movements you make to make an exit or a precise stall, these are ways to modulate the brain to improve a concrete performance. This is a very visual and detailed TEDx Talk to better understand how our brain works.

Xavier Girin
13 minutes

Bonus: Why do I fly?

[Video in French] A very poetic way to remember why we started paragliding and why we enjoy the joys of free flight so much. An analogy to the life that is present in every flight we make, whether solo or tandem.

Mental health is a very enriching subject for every pilot and, above all, it is different for everyone. That’s why there are a lot of conferences, but also coaches specialised in this field or courses to discover yourself. In any case, our team of instructors really likes this aspect during the courses!

Take the time to analyse your goals, and enjoy your flights!



  • Silvia says:

    I thank you for this page, it is amazing what we can learn with others, and with this marvelous teds. I would like to see the french teds, but they are not legended…
    Please can you fix the teds? You have one repetead, and this one is missing: Mental imagery to (re)train the brain and the body
    Thank you
    from Portugal

    • Flyeo says:

      Hello Silvia,
      Thank you for your comment, the video problem is now solved!
      We would really like the channel to translate the subtitles into English but we can’t do much about it, except to leave a comment on the video and ask for the translation!
      Maybe you could find others interesting videos on their official website 😉
      Happy discovery!

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