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Want to gain your BHPA Club Pilot rating in one of the most stunning places to fly in the world ? Launch your flying career with Flyeo.

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Your BHPA club pilot course

Who is it for?

  • You have completed an Elementary Pilot or equivalent course.
  • You wish to move onto the next level and go solo.
  • You want to learn how to soar.
  • Your weight should be a maximum of 90kg if you don’t already have your own equipment.


  • Following the BHPA Student Training Record Book (STRB), main objectives for students to carry out satisfactorily complete all tasks in the Club Pilot syllabus.
  • Demonstrate a safe and competent level of flying, ready to fly autonomously
  • Although we have a training book to follow our main objective is not just to put pen to paper.
  • At Flyeo our philosophy is not just to sign off all tasks, but instead to sculpt students into safe, competent and thinking pilots who are ready to embark on their flying careers.

Club pilot syllabus

  • Understanding a fundamental concept that paragliding is a decision making sport. From the moment we look at the forecast in the morning to putting our wing in the car after a flight, every move that a pilot makes is decision based. In this course we introduce how to make these decisions from skills-based point of view, but also self-assessing our psychological and mental decisions throughout all points of a day’s flying.
  • Moving onto bigger mountains and undertaking higher flights: Understanding all associated factors with undertaking high flights.
  • As we prepare our kit and observe other pilots flying, we learn to make pre-flight self-assessments on our mental aspects of flying, and how to optimise our psychological state in order to be the most relaxed pilot on take-off so that we can concentrate our flying mental bandwidth to the tasks at hand.
  • Understanding Soaring: Airflow on ridges and how that will affect flying, Turning up to site and making a proper site assessment, is it safe to fly? Is it soarable? Learning to be analytical. Further development into how to build a flight plan at CP level and the importance of building options and covering all possible eventualities. Practicalities of Soaring: Lookout/patters/Crabbing/Decision of when to land.
  • Ground-Handling is King: Consistency in how we find our controls (importance of being complete control of glider before laying out into wind)/ Development of different techniques for different wind strengths: key skills for developing options for different conditions. Introduction to Wind window, power zone and glider position: the importance of situational awareness as we Ground-Handle.


As well as the practical tasks contained in our training syllabus, we also have to complete a number of classroom based theory sessions at a Club Pilot level on Meteorology, Airlaw, Theory of Flight & Airmanship. Students then sit a multiple choice exam testing them on the knowledge from these subject areas

Flyeo's philosophy

  • Flyeo instructors are fully qualified BHPA instructors and Flyeo is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school as well as a Fédération française de vol libre (FFVL) registered school.
  • Our pedagogy is to constantly question, in order to develop and improve to bring you the best methods for instructing. We want to exceed your expectations!

What you will be learning on

We mostly use single-skin wings for teaching.

These wings are particularly suited to learning as they are lighter, more compact, and easier to launch.

Since we are likely to discover new sites during the course, you will also appreciate how easy it is to carry them on your back to launch.




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