Advance single skin course

Have you already completed a beginner single skin course? Or are you a qualified pilot and want to discover the joys of flying a single skin wing?

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This course is designed for pilots who have already completed a single skin or classic glider initiation course.

We will provide  you a single skin glider which will make it easy  to get back into flying. If you already have your own equipment, that’s fine, in any case it will be inspected by the instructors who will give you the best advice on its use.

The advanced single skin course will allow you to go further!


We aim to make you autonomous, in your movements and in your flight analysis.
Our objective is to do a lot of flying and to multiply the situations in order to acquire the logic of adaptation.
We insist on your decision making. We make you aware that you are responsible for your choices and actions.
We cover rapid descent techniques (ears, accelerators, use of trimmers…)
Without forgetting the theoretical courses appropriate to the practice of mountain flying.


The Flyeo team tailors the teaching to your level and the situations you encounter.
You are passionate, you come to improve your skills in order to be autonomous and to be able to plan a flight.
Our objective is clear: to teach you how to organise your flight preparation, on site, in the mountains or at the other end of the world.


The Flyeo team optimises the days to achieve a volume of flight adapted to the flight conditions.
Theoretical content will be mainly related to the analysis of situations encountered during the flights.
The objective is to leave this course with practical exercises and clear reflections to carry out alone during future flights.
A part of the course will be dedicated to ground handling, to acquire precision and dexterity.


You must be insured by the French FFVL to be part part of our courses. (here is how to take your licence).

Hold a medical certificate allowing you to practice the activity of free flight valid within 2 years before the start of training.

For minors: hold parental permission from parents.




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