Single skin initiation course

Do you love hiking up mountains? Don’t enjoy walking back down? Single skin paragliding is the perfect activity for trail and outdoor lovers who want a fun new way of getting back down the mountain.

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Flyeo has been a paragliding school for over 15 years.
We are faithful to our values of transmitting our passions, flying and nature.
We want to involve you in the respect of human values and of the nature that welcomes us.
We are also the creators of single skin courses!

Your instructor will be 100% attentive to your needs and the small groups of 4 students for 1 instructor (7 students maximum per group, supervised by 2 instructors) will allow you to personalise the teaching as much as possible.


We have the pleasure of helping you discover the dream of flying, in complete serenity and at your own pace.
The interest is to make you responsible for the technical and environmental context of the flight.
You will come out of this learning experience with a sense of responsibility as a pilot of your paraglider.
The learning process will alternate between technical training in the field and theoretical input in relation to the situations experienced.


It is simple! To be able to fly with your own wings, while respecting the aeronautical rules that this simple aircraft imposes on us.
We will give you the basics to understand mountain flying.
The objective is to descend from the mountain in safety, to be fully aware of the adaptations to be made when approaching the terrain to land on your feet facing the wind.

Is it for you?

Paragliding is a sport that is accessible to anyone aged 12 or over.

The introductory course in single skin paragliding is designed for walkers, traileurs, climbers and mountaineers who have no knowledge of flying and paragliding and who wish to learn about this tool for mountain travel that is single surface paragliding.

It is aimed at all those who consider paragliding more as a means of transport than as an end in itself…


1 or 2 days of ground handling.
A large theoretical course about your big flights and the approaches of ground.
A day of flying on a FFVL site (French Federation of Free Flight)
Application of the theoretical courses and debriefing
A day of flight dedicated to approaches and landing accuracy.
Choice of a take off, choice of a landing on IGN map.
Analysis and construction of an approach according to the weather conditions of the moment.
Change of take off and landing on FFVL site.
Learn to inflate in the wind.


You must be insured by the French FFVL to be part part of our courses. (here is how to take your licence).

Hold a medical certificate allowing you to practice the activity of free flight valid within 2 years before the start of training.

For minors: hold parental permission from parents.

Our tools

We use single skin wings.
These wings have the particularity of facilitating technical learning.
These gliders are also much lighter and more compact than traditional gliders, which saves our backs and joints.



750€ / 5 days

State-certified instructors



Possibility of purchase at the end of the course