Reserve repack

Flyeo instructors can repack your round, square, Rogallo or any other shape reserve parachute you might have.

Ask for a repack

Who is it for?

If you are coming on an SIV and your reserve hasn’t been repacked in a while.
If you have used it and want it repacked.
If it is just due a annual repack.

There are a lot of reasons to have your reserve repacked by professionals.

The Flyeo advantages

Our 450m2 school, just a stone’s throw from the official Doussard landing field, is equipped with our office, four classrooms, a shop where you will find the latest paragliding equipment, and our large packing room to air out and gently refold your reserve parachute.

Famous for our SIV courses, our instructors can repack your reserve whether you have been in the Annecy lake or not.


Round reserve parachute


State-certified instructors

Square reserve parachute


State-certified instructors

Rogallo and other shape reserve parachute


State-certified instructors


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