12 December 2017

Paragliding Beginner Cross Country Course

Do you want to make your flights go further? Don't mind a bit of a walk back? FLYEO will help you progress with your cross country (XC) flying with our Paragliding Beginner Cross Country Course . We are situated in the French Alps near Annecy Lake, in one of the flying mecca's of the world. We have around 300 flyable days per year. WARNING: For safety and teaching reasons, we require you to have done a paragliding SIV course in less than a year before the course.



  • You thermal on site.
  • You are autonomous on takeoff and landing.
  • You are able fly for 1 hour.
  • You fly with a A or B wing, (DHV: 1 or ½).
  • You have flown under 20km cross country
  • FOR REASONS OF EDUCATION AND SECURITY, WE ASK YOU TO HAVE PERFORMED  A SIV COURSE IN THE YEAR PREVIOUS TO THE CROSS COUNTRY COURSE. This enhances safety and keeps the group within the same level. Thus the cross country course will be dedicated to cross country and not to driving!


  • Learn to leave the hill
  • Start the first transitions to connect with the next thermal.
  • Learn more about flying in the mountain and turbulence control.


Plan of progression of paragliding beginner cross country course:
  • Reaffirming of the bases of piloting.
  • Piloting technique in thermals.
  • Development of the qualities needed for distance flying: patience, tenacity.
  • During the cross country course, we will delve deeper into several topics, such as:
    • Decision making.
    • Management of altitudes and safety distances.
    • Choice of starting time in transition.
  • Flight objectives:
    • Small distance flight (to facilitate the analysis of events).
    • Contemplative flight (discovery of the nature and beauty of the Alps) solo or in tandem.
  • The pedagogical tandem: If you wish, it is possible in this cross country course to achieve a pedagogical tandem with the instructor: it is interesting learning technique to acquire the in air adjustment techniques: ventral, accelerator. The tandem allows the analysis of  your potential as a pilot to better define your goals.

Theory (duration according to the desires of the pilots):

  • Flight in turbulence, mountain flying.
  • How and where to find the release phases.
  • What is the basic theory for cross country.
  • Anticipate and manage your energy (self-knowledge).
  • How to eat, dress.
  • How to forecast a cross country flight (weather, take-off site, distance).



The program for the paragliding beginner cross country course is customised according to the weather and level of the pilots.


  • Small groups of 5 pilots maximum.
  • At FLYEO, we know how important pure piloting is. It is useful in cross country because a good level of control leads to a psychological relaxation which then serves to analysis, strategy and decision-making. The prerequisite for FLYEO to participate in a cross country course is to have done a SIV course recently, so we can offer you:
    • A group with a good level to really progress in a cross country course.
    • Safety for the entire group.


  • For minors: hold parental permission from parents.


€120  per person, per day.

ALL OUR STUDENTS RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT ON PARAGLIDERS, HARNESSES AND RESERVES DURING THEIR COURSES (non combinable offer: the best available discount for the client will be applied).

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