Progressing in paragliding – meet Charlotte Martin

Charlotte Martin
Charlotte shares her experience of paragliding with us, she now flies a Hook5 and a Kolibri. We will follow her in her adventures as the season progresses!
  • Hi Charlotte! You had a rather atypical learning of paragliding, can you explain?

Yes, I didn’t do a course in a school because my boyfriend taught me how to fly! I couldn’t afford a course and he was so eager to share his passion with me that he decided to teach me. I found a great opportunity for very little money and he started teaching me! It wasn’t always easy because when you’re in a relationship you have to deal with the emotional side of things, but this experience taught us a lot! Today we have already experienced incredible things thanks to paragliding and I hope it will continue!

  • What major steps have you taken to become aware of your progress?

It’s not easy to answer this question, but at the moment I’m doing my tandem qualification. I remember at the beginning I dreamed of being able to share it with other people but it seemed so inaccessible… and finally today I’m there so it makes me really happy to say that I may soon be able to share this magic that is paragliding and bring those who dream of it!

  • Your profile is focused on cross country and Hike & Fly, what are your goals this season and how do you hope to achieve them?

I don’t really have any particular objectives or objectives that I want to achieve at all costs, I try not to put too much pressure on myself with paragliding and to really leave myself a lot of freedom (after all it’s still free flight 🙂 )! I’ve already put too many constraints and objectives on myself with running before and I don’t want that anymore. Of course I have dreams in the corner of my head but if it’s not for this year it doesn’t matter!

I simply hope to share my passion with others, to continue to make new adventures by linking several summits by walking and flying as we do with Nicolas, I would also like to make an adventure like that all alone. If the weather allows it when I’m resting, I’d like to continue to progress in cross-country, to do bigger and bigger tours, to understand everything that’s going on, to continue to discover, to learn, and to see the landscapes from a height!

  • What role does mental preparation play in your life as a pilot?

As a high stress person, this is an important part, but I still have a lot of work to do on it! At the moment I don’t take the time to do it but usually I do meditation in the evening with Nicolas (a lot of breathing exercises with the Petit Bambou application), I also do yoga. These exercises allow me to manage my stress. In the air when I’m stressed, I talk to myself to try to calm down and manage the situation as best I can and I breathe deeply. I also write down all my flights in a notebook and I read them again from time to time, especially when I feel like I’m regressing, it helps me remember that I’ve made progress even if I don’t feel like it!

  • And what is your favourite flight site?

Ohlalala this question is way too difficult, aha!!! There are too many beautiful sites and beautiful memories ! But I will say that Annecy at sunset is really incredible, I love St Hilaire because I live there, it’s really magnificent to fly over the Chartreuse, and then to be able to cross to be in Belledonne above the snowy peaks, I love it. Besides, the sunset at the Dent de Crolles is not bad at all either! I also remember a flight at Mont Blanc du Tacul which was really incredibly beautiful…. In short, I still have too many that come to mind … 😉

Lots of beautiful sunsets for this season then!
Thanks for sharing!


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