Activity pack – Discovery Paragliding x Canyoning

Discover alpine canyons and then take to the skies for the flight of a lifetime!

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You want to add the ultimate day out to your holiday, combining two amazing outdoor adventure sports.

You’re a certified thrill-seeker, always looking for new experiences.

Whether you’re diving through crystal-clear water basins or soaring the skies, you’re always up for the best that life has to offer.

Peace of mind


Small jumps into plunge-pools and slides punctuate this beautiful introductory descent, while negotiating three waterfalls will introduce you to rappelling.


Ascend the famous Col de la Forclaz. Here you will take to the skies for amazing views of lake Annecy and the surrounding region. This will give you your very first taste of free flight.

  • You are the pilot — If you wish, the instructor can let you pilot the paraglider!
  • Certificate — A flight certificate signed by your instructor is issued to you upon landing.

Flight information

Where: Taking off from Col de la Forclaz above Lake Annecy
Starting at 10 year old
Minimum weight: 40 kg
≅ 10-15 minutes
When: everyday until 12:00pm


Half a day of canyoning on one of the discovery routes followed by a paragliding flight from the Col de la Forclaz.

Canyoning: ≅ 2.5 hours
Discovery flight: 10 to 15 minutes

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