Doing your first cross country competition

compétition allevard
This is a positive result despite the cancellation of the first day!


I was really looking forward to the competition circuit and to discover the cluster flights, the new take-offs and the installation of the beacons on our instruments. The first day was cancelled because of the strong south wind but Sunday was maintained: take off at Saint Pierre d’Allevard.

Ceilings are announced at 1600m and the start at 13h00. The run is 42,6km with 5 markers. I have never done more than 40km but I am optimistic. We still have to cross the valley towards the Chartreuse and reach Saint Hilaire du Touvet, with low ceilings and my Vivo EN-B, I’ll be far from the guns of other experienced riders!

Let’s go ! I take off at 12:50 and let the wave of experienced pilots show me the way and the thermals. From the beginning, I have to fight to stay at the take off level and to go to the first beacon at the North end of the take off, towards the village of Moutaret. 1st beacon: check.
Now, we have to go back to the take off (beacon 2: check) and manage to climb to the ceiling. I succeeded despite a low point where I had to fight with a Zeno very close to the bushes!

That’s it, I’m at 1570m. I decide to go for it and make the crossing to the Chartreuse. During the transition I get overtaken by a Swing which pushes the bar, I wait before hanging up in front, already quite low, difficult to find something at 600m and when everything is in the shade!

Very disappointed to have found nothing, I will land with a group of 4 pilots already on the ground… And here is my first mistake which, I hope, will make me progress for the next competition: observe before launching yourself! Taking time and doing a little analysis before going across would have allowed me to see that the massifs had completely gone into the shade. All I had to do was wait for 1/4 of an hour for the sun to reappear!

Anyway, I can’t wait to do it again! Discovering new massifs by taking on challenges is the best!


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