Why differentiate morning, afternoon and evening flights? The answer is not so obvious?
We suggest you compare each flight to choose YOUR flight with all the keys in hand.

baptême enfant annecy

Children's tandem

For future teenagers under 12 years of age, there are no questions to ask. Indeed, the flights always take place in the morning before noon. Why? Their small weight is adapted to the calm conditions encountered at these times and above all it allows a discovery in complete serenity. A flight over the lake will allow you to experience this first flight with many stars in your eyes!

sourire baptême

Discovery tandem

15 minutes of flight to discover the first sensations that paragliding has to offer. A little stressed to tame the aerial world? This morning flight is perfect for a first experience that is both calm and impressive. Just enough time to get used to the glide of the wing and you can already have the controls in your hands if you wish!

baptême ascendance annecy

Thermal tandem

This flight in the afternoon and into the evening in summer allows you to gain altitude! Thanks to the warm air currents called “thermals”, the pilot and passenger will be able to fly for longer (about 25 minutes). The flight will be slightly more eventful than the one in the morning because the air mass is active, but the panorama over Lake Annecy and its surrounding mountains is an unforgettable experience. A taste of free flight that you will never want to stop!

baptême prestige annecy

Prestige tandem

A flight, or rather a real aerial ride is offered to you! 45 minutes of dreaming in the open air for the lucky ones who will share this flight with an experienced instructor. A unique and highly coveted 3pm slot allows you to skim the mountains (Tournette, Dents de Lanfon or Roc des Boeufs) while flying over the lake. Get ready to experience a magical moment and observe the animals with legs and feathers!

vol parapente voltige

Sensations tandem

The name of this flight already implies the nature of the experience. 25 minutes in the afternoon where you will discover the first sensations of paragliding and then spin in the air until you no longer recognise the horizon! At the moment you are not sure of the pilots’ vocabulary? Pitch, 360, wings-over, Sat or asymmetric 360. Well, this flight will give you a taste of the sensational paragliding! Hold on tight!!

So you’ve decided to go for a first flight? Ready to fly over Lake Annecy with us?

The team will accompany you throughout this unique experience so no worries 😉 You can also watch our YouTube video to imagine yourself flying!

See you soon under our wings!


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