Sometimes flights are cut short reluctantly due to lack of heat or comfort. To avoid this as much as possible, we wanted to share our tips on how to plan long, comfortable flights so that you can concentrate on the moment.

The right temperature

Everyone has a different tolerance to the cold and knows their limits. However, it is preferable not to have a shivering body and not be able to feel your fingers when you are at the top of the thermal! For this reason, we recommend reinforcing the heat on the extremities of the body, for example with gloves or heated socks.


The heated gloves with external batteries from Racer and 30Seven are renowned for their quality and durability. They are suitable up to small sizes and are adaptable to other sports. For those who do not find the gloves comfortable because they are too big, there are also heated undergloves that you can find in the shop 😉


For those with cold feet, there are also technical heating socks. The Sidas brand is the foot expert and even offers heated insoles! Your feet will be ready to fly for a long time and will be especially warm for the landing, a moment that is sometimes imprecise after the volume of flight.

Urgent needs

For cross country addicts fond of long flights with big points or for competitors of big heats, the concern is obvious for everyone: the need to pee prevents us from thinking properly and forces us to land! So whether it’s for men or women, there are ways to stay in the air longer!

Ladies side

The choice of nappies seems to be the most relevant. Our women’s pilot team recommends the Confiance brand to be put on like panties rather than the ones with the straps on the sides. This gives you the peace of mind that everything will last! Absorption levels are different for everyone so it is advisable to test different grades before the big flights.

Men side

Penilexes are the classic solution, obvious and more discreet than the milk bottle hidden in the side pocket of the harness. The Cross Country brand offers a complete kit to get started and then sells packs of 10 or 20 refills. Other brands also offer them but beware of the quality of the material, some degrading more quickly than others.

With these important accessories, long flights are guaranteed to be comfortable and warm! So enjoy the view!


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