Choose your paragliding site around Annecy

We are fortunate to be in a great area for paragliding and outdoor activities.
Paragliding is an all-day activity, if your technical and mental skills allow it. If not, here’s how to optimise on the sites around Annecy.

  • We are based in Doussard, if you want to fly in the morning in good thermal conditions ?


A south facing site, this site offers a wide take off and is easily accessible by car and on foot via a shaded path.
This flight allows you to exploit the first thermal bubbles in a space wide enough not to be bothered by other flyers. You can fly along the ridge easily, keeping in mind that the breeze will pick up and it will be time to return to the landing area. If you want to cross country, this is the perfect site to go!
The landing area is a large field, however, reading a sign will give you more information. The breeze can be strong but not very turbulent.

Le Grand-Bornand

The most beautiful site in the Aravis. South facing, it offers, as soon as the ski lifts open, pleasant flying conditions to start the thermal. And if the conditions are not there, you can still make a flight of 1100m of difference in altitude. To stay in thermals, it’s simple, just go straight out of the take off and fly over the Pointe des Arces, a small rocky summit, with a great yield. The thermal is wide, very wide and allows each pilot to find his place while turning.
The landing is at the Bois du Bouchet in the valley, ask about it!

La Sambuy

The site is exposed to the NORTH (the take-off) but we can reach the small EAST face of the Col de Tamier to extend our flight. Accessible by a chairlift from the Seytenex ski resort. This site has a great view of Lake Annecy in the distance. This morning site allows us to fly quietly while having space to play and express ourselves in the first thermals.
Access is from Doussard with an eco-shuttle. The landing area is a large field in the Col de Tamier valley. Shuttles are available via the buses to the start of the lifts.

  • You’ve spent the day at the lake with your family and are tempted by an evening flight?

Le Semnoz

The first free flight site around the lake. Facing WEST, this site is ideal for long evening flights. You can do S’s along its long ridge for hours. This beautiful site facilitates thermal flying with its multiple triggers, both over the ridge and far ahead in the valley. An evening treat.

The landing is in the valley at Viuz-la-Chiesaz, it is recognisable from the take off. The valley wind is often light at these times and allows the terrain to be approached from many angles. Access is easy from the main roads, but you will still have to walk 50 metres to the take-off from the car park!
Several options are possible for the organization:
1. go to the landing and carpool with other pilots, the locals meet there.
2. From the landing you can climb a path, it will take some sweat as the 1100 m are steep, but shaded, so allow time!
3. If you have put the car down at the take-off car park, it is quite easy to land on the hills around it.

The Semnoz offers quite a few options for resting, however it is not a seaside laminar wind, so be careful in your approach.

voile dans le ciel

Le Crêt du Loup

Located on the resort of La Clusaz, a grassy take-off welcomes you on the heights of this western slope. A magnificent flight allows you to recover the ascendances of the valley
and transport you to the Aravis mountain range. This flight offers you a breathtaking view of the mineral reliefs of this mountain range. The take off is easy because the valley breeze is never too strong. Access can be made via the loup ski lifts, or by the road to the crêt du Merle and finish the rest on foot (500m difference in altitude).

An evening flight while contemplating the steep massifs around you. The landing is located in the valley leading to Balme, it is very large. Its particularity: it is a little bit sloping, so it increases your glide ratio a little bit in the final, take some margins and especially spot it before!

The most famous Col de la Forclaz

This magical flight with its exceptional colours is a victim of its own success. The easy access makes the flight even more popular, the thermodynamic conditions are often homogeneous at the end of the day. There is enough space for all pilots to find their way and enjoy the environment. One drawback could be the take-off, not because of the technical difficulty but because of the surroundings and the public which could be stressful. Prepare yourself on the grass next to you, and stay focused on your inflation.
As for the flight, if it’s really late, watch out for the lake breeze, it reverses when the shadow covers the bottom of the valley, so don’t hang out too low over the water!

Here are 6 examples of easy to organise flying sites. The aerology is often not very complex, nevertheless it is up to you to inform yourself with local professionals and to assume your judgement and your choices if you decide to fly.

Come and say hello and share your best photos of our valley of wonders!
Enjoy your flights


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