Spring preparation :

Physical / Mental /Technical / Clothing / Nutrition

March begins the season of the first thermals in the Northern Alps, the first high cloud base, the first hours of high altitude flying. It is advisable to be ready to live this period at best. Here are some Tips of the month!


To tackle the first long flights it is necessary to be in good physical condition. The general preparation of the body is good for the endurance of the muscles, for the flexibility of the piloting actions, for the breath and for the flexibility of the piloting actions, for the breath and for the mind. Maintaining a good cardio and muscular condition is an asset for the turbulent spring flights, and for accumulating flight hours. General physical condition will play a major role in your ability to progress. So get moving and do at least 2 hours of sport a week!


A vast subject but one that is of paramount importance to the awareness of our actions in times of stress. Wing movements, tilts in the harness, imbalances, will put your mind at work. It is therefore necessary for you to maintain an intimate relationship with your sensations, to be attentive to your muscular relaxation, to be aware of not going into a situation that is too stressful.

To become aware of these micro sensations, it is important to vary your way of moving or to train physically. or to train physically. Change your playground habits, vary the speed at which you move, avoid doing the same thing over and over again, which will allow your brain to multiply different situations in record time. Expand your comfort zone!


Technically, you have to fly, but in each of your little flights, you can give yourself a technical goal: Pitching, rolling, knowing how to stop them quickly, making rotations with variable radius, playing on the inside and outside control actions, on the harness, loosen the chest straps of your harness and feel the costal supports in turns… In order to approach the movements of spring, take the lead by moving with your beautiful wing!


Flying in spring is like flying in winter, it is cold, the difference is that we can stay in the air for several hours without moving too much. It is advisable to cover yourself well, even if it is warm on the take off! I like a feather down jacket and a gore tex jacket on top. Do not forget the neck warmer or the merino wool balaclava! For the bottom, ski trousers and tights are part of the game. Take good warm gloves, not too big, and a second pair (of mittens) in the pockets of the harness just in case you losse your first pair. Warm socks without hesitation and shoes not too tight to let the blood circulate. Don’t forget to make multiple movements to warm up the joints and lower limbs 5 minutes before landing in order to avoid numbness on contact with the ground.


Remember to drink regularly one or two sips during a flight, take something to eat, but be careful not to take food that is impossible to eat while flying. Be also careful not to take food that is impossible to crunch if the temperature drops below 0 C°! Give preference to apple pie, dried fruits, and small fruit cakes rather than chocolate bars, which are often hardened by the frost!

Well, I think you got it, go fly!!!


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