Who doesn't have applications on their phone these days?

This is part 2 of our top 5 useful applications for paragliders.

If you haven’t read part 1, here it is! In this article, you’ll discover useful software and websites.

To register your flights


Here is a free software for flight management. It allows you to view, store and evaluate your tracks. It is an open source software to download on your computer (here is the link). You will also be able to visualize your statistics, evaluate your performances and make an analysis of the thermals and transitions of your flights.

Journal de vol

New website still in development, you will be able to visualize your flights in 3D, discover new spots or realize challenges. Flight plans, trophies, wind rose or flight planning help, this site created in 2019 is meant to be very complete. Only available in french at the moment.

To prepare your cross-country markers

Google Earth

You want to train for a competition by creating fictitious routes with your own markers? Google Earth allows you to create folders with your own waypoints and to export your files in .kml format. You can then import them on XC Track and train!


With Syride’s Route Maker it is possible to create your waypoints and give them a particular radius. The distance and the expected time will be displayed automatically. The take-offs are also visible on the map, which facilitates the recognition of the reliefs. The waypoints file is a WPT format.

To check the weather forecast


This site is usually used in aviation, but it is also useful for us. Satellite and radar images, wind maps and fronts, or forecasts around an airfield or airport. This information allows you to have a global vision and trends of the weather in France before zooming in on a particular flight site. You just have to create an account to use it, here is the link.

Would you like to suggest other applications, software or websites? Share them in comments!


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