As every sport requires certain skills and qualities in order to progress, paragliding is certainly no exception to the rule.

These 5 qualities are those that are acquired and are common to all pilots…Or almost. Perfection is not achieved overnight 😜


Noun. Feminine. The quality of a pilot who knows how to wait calmly for the conditions at take-off. Ability to not get upset by difficulties, especially having the patience to climb +0.3 m/s for hours to finish the xc flight he started.


Noun. Feminine. The act of looking closely at phenomena, such as the windsock, the wind on the trees, birds and other wings soaring the same thermal. A pilot’s reflections after studying something; the construction of a cumulus cloud or the changes in wind direction with altitude.


Noun. Feminine. The feeling of a pilot who remains firm in spite of everything. Not giving up easily but believing in the saving bubble at all times. Trying again and again to get the perfect amplitude to do wings-over. Do hours of ground handling and master the cobra technique with your eyes closed.

Helping each other

Noun. Feminine. The act of supporting and helping each other. Through the various clubs or WhatsApp and Facebook groups, each pilot contributes to the progress of another. Advice, getting someone off a tree, post-flight hitchhiking, so many situations where everyone brings their support and knowledge.


Noun. Feminine. Intense emotional state that the paraglider pilot develops for his discipline. Love that consumes one’s free time, allows one to travel, to meet people, to sweat, to laugh, to marvel, to be cold, hot, to share, in short. To be happy.

Sourire parapentiste

These 5 words only scratch the surface of all the advantages of being a paraglider pilot.

But if one day you meet a curious person, here is something to make him/her want to conquer the sky!

With all these qualities we deserve an international paragliding day, don't we?


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