You don't fly but your relatives are the passengers?

The well-being of our passengers is one of our primary concerns at Flyeo. We also take great pride in caring for the friends and family of the passengers. While your loved one is flying, what can you do?

Waiting at the landing zone

From our experience at Flyeo, it is comfortable and enjoyable for you to wait for your loved one(s) at our chill out area in front of the school. You will be able to watch the paragliders do acrobatics over the landing area and see your loved ones land up close. At our signal, you are invited to head to the landing zone as close to the paragliders as possible to film the last few moments of their flight.

From the landing, you can see the gliders heading towards you, doing acrobatics and finally landing. Our pilots and passengers often wave to family or friends who are waiting at the landing as they pass overhead!

Over the years, we have seen many relatives who are eager to get up to the take-off to see their friends and/or family take off. In our experience, the best place to see the paragliders and passengers is at the landing. From the take-off you will see the pilots and your loved one take a few steps and then quickly (within seconds), they will disappear behind nearby trees.

Going alone at take-off

If you REALLY, REALLY want to see their take off you need to leave at least 35 minutes before the departure of the shuttle bus that will take the pilots and passengers to the Col de la Forclaz. This gives you enough time to drive to Montmin (about 20 minutes), park your car, then walk to the take-off area (an additional 15 minutes). The take-off is only accessible on foot, our shuttle buses have special badges that allow us to pass through a barrier in order to access the take off directly. If you wish to access this special area, you can pay between 20€ and 60€ (depending on the season) at the barrier by credit card. Just between us, you’re better off walking 15 minutes! Or even better, watching the landing rather than the take off. 


With children this request to accompany them to take off is even greater. Paragliding generates some apprehension for parents who wish to accompany their children to the take off. However, there is no need. Our instructors are used to helping children and making them feel comfortable during the flight! So no worries!

The Flyeo bonus

We recommend that before the flight, you go up to the Col de la Forclaz, all together or alone, to discover this fabulous site. You will then discover a life-size view of Lake Annecy. This small excursion will allow you to have a lot of fun and to reassure your friend(s), colleague(s) or relatives about this fabulous experience that is about to take them under its wing.

Maybe next time it will be your turn!

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