We have here a variable that can be decisive for your flight.

First of all, you should know that the lines (wires connecting the pilot to the glider) can support much more than the weight of two people. Each line can support up to 160 kg on its own! The question of weight does not come from a concern for the strength of the material.

The weight is what will determine the take-off phase.

Generally speaking, the wind helps us to take off. In the morning there is less wind so we have to create our own wind (called relative wind). The only way to do this is by running

In contrast, the afternoon is better for people who have difficulty running as the wind is generally stronger and makes it easier to lift us off the ground.

Also, the heavier we are, the faster we descend. In the case of an early morning flight (where there are no thermals), it is impossible for pilots to ensure a 15-minute discovery flight for a person weighing more than 80 kilos. The solution? Make a thermal or prestige flight!

baptême de l'air lac d'annecy

You will have understood, for the take-off we need ideally wind but especially you and your determination! Your instructor will tell you before your flight: “as long as you have not been told to stop running, you continue! It is better to run in the air than to stop before leaving the ground!

If you wish to watch a preview of this experience, check our YouTube video!

NB: Above 120 kilos, even during an afternoon flight, it is very complicated to be able to fly. If you weigh more than 120 kilos, call us or come to the shop, we can then exchange and see if a solution is possible!

It is with all these constraints in mind that we want to offer you the best and safest experience.

Do you have any other questions about your first paragliding flight? Check out our blog posts or FAQ! You will surely find what you are looking for!

See you soon in the air!


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