Number 1.

I'm afraid the instructor will get the wrong rope!

These ropes, strings, that you see, are called lines (150 in total). Each of them can support about 160 kilograms, spread over the entire surface of the sail, no chance of breaking! So, yes, it may seem like there are a lot of them, but just as a guitarist knows his strings to play harmoniously, a paraglider pilot knows his lines to fly precisely. You should also know that a pilot only needs two lines called "the brakes" to fly the glider normally. Some lines will only be used in special cases, for example to allow a faster descent.
So don't worry, you can even take the controls in flight and steer the glider if you want!

Number 2.

It will go too fast!

Unlike skydiving, where you fall, paragliding is a glider. It is made to fly for a long time. The average speed of flight is 30 km/h.
When the passengers agree to do aerobatics, the paraglider needs more speed to do tricks. In this case, the glider can reach over 100 km/h for only a few seconds! The instructor adapts to your wishes, more or less sensations, it's up to you!

Number 3.

I'm afraid of being carried away by the clouds!

A cloud does not necessarily mean a storm. The small white ones are our friends! We have fun flying between them and playing with them without the risk of being swept away. The very black clouds, on the other hand, are the ones that herald a storm. In this case, we don't fly at all.

Number 4.

I'm afraid I'll break a leg when I land!

Landing is a surprising moment for the passenger because he comes out of his contemplative phase and has to put his feet on the ground... literally and figuratively. During the approach phase, the pilot asks the passenger to stand up and if necessary to take a few steps to accompany the landing. The latter is done in a very delicate way so that both pilot and passenger land "like a flower" on their feet!

Number 5.

I'm afraid of crashing against the cliff!

Everyone keeps as much margin as possible in flight, away from other paragliders and the terrain.
Share your feelings with your pilot if the proximity of the mountains bothers you. He will adapt the flight to your desires 😉

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