Help with FFVL licensing

When you come to learn to paraglide at FLYEO in Stage Initiation or to further your training with Advance Training, you must take your license to the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL) because we are labeled a French School of Free Flight (École Française de Vol Libre, EFVL). This license provides Air Civil Liability (Responsabilité Civile Aérienne, RCA) which is mandatory for flying in France, and the FFVL offers optional insurance.

You can get your paragliding license in 9 days (ideal for a paragliding Initiation course) online by clicking on this link: or by scanning this code:

qr code prise de licence

How to get your license online?

1. Go to the site and click on “PRENDRE SA LICENCE”.

2.  As this is a new license, click “continuer”.

3.  Fill in the required fields.

4. Select FLYEO 😉

5.  You’re not a professional so don’t tick the box!

6. In this box you need to choose “Parepente” under “pratique principale” (your principal activity) then possibly your “pratiques secondaires” (your secondary activities).

7. To be covered for the period of getting your license, you can choose “Stage 9 jours” you will be covered for the 9 days during your training. (this doesn’t have to be done in 9 consecutive days). You can then choose to take the licence supplement to be covered the rest of the year outside of the school if you are motivated.

8. You can subscribe to the Vol Passion Magazine if you want.

9. Click “Continuez” (continue).

10. You must provide a medical Certificate for your licensing; confirm it here.

visuel prise de licence
licence capture d'écran
licence intranet
intranet ffvl
licence ffvl
licence ffvl
licence intranet ffvl
intranet licence ffvl

11. Then enter your details.

12. You have different options for optional insurances.

13. After validating 2 pages, you can choose the level of information you will receive from the FFVL (We recommed you remain subscribed to security alerts and general information).

14. Accept the final summary and fill in the start date of your training.

15. Finally pay the amount to join. We advise you to use a credit card to speed up the validation process.

You have taken out your 9-day school license and you want to be able to fly alone, how to take the annual license supplement:

1. Go to the site  and click on “MY ACCOUNT INTRANET”.

2. Log in with your credentials and answer a maths question.

3. Click on “Complément de licence” (completed license).

4. Select the desired option and fill in the fields about your medical certificate if you have not done so already.

complément licence
complément licence
licence ffvl complément
complément aide licence

5. Then you can pay.

There you go! Ready for your paragliding course!