A paragliding pilot attached to his passenger are seen from above carried by the paraglider with Lake Annecy and the mountains below

Thermal tandem

Our most popular paragliding tandem flight

A paraglider pilot on SIV training looks at his wing which is bent over his head at a worrying angle

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A paragliding pilot and his passenger, a child, flies under their paraglider with the mountains and Lake Annecy in the background

Children’s tandem

Tandem flight for little ones

A paragliding pilot inflates how wing with the sunset in the background

Elementary course

Start your solo paragliding career

Two orange Flyeo paragliders fly over the blue waters of lake annecy

Tandem paragliding

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A man with a blue helmet is ready to go down a canyon and is smiling. Two paragliders are flying over Lake Annecy on a blue-sky day

Canyoning + Paragliding

A paragliding pilot comes down vertically under his reserve parachute with his paraglider folded

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A paragliding student inflates his wing during a paragliding course, while under the watch of his instructor

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Paragliding tandem and courses in Annecy

Experience the incredible feeling of flying during a tandem paragliding flight with one of Flyeo’s fully qualified pilots or take one of our paragliding courses to progress at your own pace.

  • Vol en parapente au dessus du lac d'Annecy inoubliable, merci pour les étoiles dans nos yeux 🤩 Juliette nous a permis de faire le vol en famille alors que funbooker... read more

    Sandrine Paitre Avatar Sandrine Paitre

    Sensations incroyables Les moniteurs sont très sympathiques Je recommande

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    Superbe expérience, riche en sensations! Je recommande vivement

    Solene Sackgirl Avatar Solene Sackgirl

    Excellent moment !!

    Lm Mcr Avatar Lm Mcr
  • Un grand merci à toute l équipe ! Un moment inoubliable pour mon fils de 10 ans et moi même. Des paysages magnifiques!!!! Merci !!!!

    Ingrid Poquet Avatar Ingrid Poquet

    Une équipe et un Fabio au top!!! Hstoires de nous remettre les idées en place au dessus du lac d'Annecy #SIV🙃

    Stéphane Blanc Avatar Stéphane Blanc

    Super équipe. Moniteur très sympa. Ma fille a adoré. A bientot pour le vol sensation.

    José M. Avatar José M.

    Un grand merci à toutes l’équipe sa a été un réel bonheur pour moi et mon mari des paysages magnifiques des sensations incroyables et des moniteurs adorable qui vous font... read more

    Camille Himeur Avatar Camille Himeur

Paragliding ? Annecy ? We tell you everything…

Paragliding is a type of free flight adventure sport that involves flying a lightweight glider aircraft with no rigid structure. Paragliding allows you to soar through the air using natural sources of lift, such as thermals and ridge winds. Paragliding can be done for fun, competition, or exploration. Paragliding is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to experience the thrill of flight.

The word paragliding comes from combining parachute and gliding. It was first used in 1961 to describe a sport of flying modified parachutes with glide ratios that allowed them to be launched from slopes or towed by vehicles. The word paraglider is also a portmanteau of parachute and glider. Paragliding is sometimes called parapente, which is the original French word.

A paraglider is a lightweight glider aircraft that consists of three main components: the wing, lines and risers, and a harness. The wing is also known as the canopy or sail, and it is made of fabric cells that inflate with air to create a curved shape. The lines are thin cords that connect the wing to the risers, which are straps that attach to the harness. The harness is where the pilot sits or lies in a comfortable position. The lines and risers allow the pilot to control the direction and speed of the paraglider by pulling on them.

Pure happiness! A paragliding flight is composed of different phases from pre-flight planning to landing:

  • Pre-flight planning: Check weather, site, gear, and briefing.
  • Launching: Inflate wing and run or walk into the wind to take off.
  • Gliding: Fly horizontally by controlling direction and speed. Cover distance between climbs by avoiding sink and finding lift.
  • Climbing: Gain altitude by using thermals, ridge lift, or dynamic lift. Circle or follow rising air to ascend higher.
  • Searching: Look for signs of lift such as clouds, birds, dust devils, or other gliders. Use instruments to locate and track potential sources of lift.
  • Surfing: Maintain altitude by flying along areas of constant lift such as cloud streets, convergence zones, or wave systems. Adjust to changes in wind speed and direction.
  • Landing: Descend to a safe landing area by following an approach pattern that aligns with the wind direction. Flare at low altitude to reduce speed and touch down gently.

This video summarises what to expect from a tandem paragliding flight.

If you have never tried paragliding, the best way to start is with a tandem paragliding flight.

Annecy is a beautiful city in Haute-Savoie, France, that is often called the Venice of the Alps because of its canals and bridges. But for paragliding enthusiasts, Annecy means more than just the city. It means the Lake Annecy region, where some of the best paragliding sites are located. The most popular sites are Planfait and Col de La Forclaz, which offer stunning views of the lake and the mountains. Planfait has its take-offs and landings in Talloires, while Col de La Forclaz has its take-off zone in Montmin and its landing in Doussard.

Flyeo is a paragliding school located in the south of Lake Annecy for over 15 years. We practice, teach and introduce paragliding all year round to thousands of people.

Founded and run by renowned pilots, we offer courses for all levels, on the school side. Starting from beginner coourses to progression and first thermal for intermediates. Finally, our specialty is SIV or Simulation of Flight Incidents for the most experienced pilots.

We also offer you to discover paragliding during tandem flights over lake Annecy. There is something for everyone with our selection of flights: a simple dash down in the morning or a great flight in thermal conditions in the afternoon for the more adventurous. The experience is unforgettable…

On the shop side, we offer to re-pack your rescue parachutes as well as a selection of equipment to equip you.

Please note that there is not any parking available at Flyeo. See information about parking here.