Flyeo managing team

I am still a fan even after 30 years of playing in the mountains!
Paragliding gives me a feeling of freedom, it gives me the feeling of being untouchable and a strong inner experience, as well as mental stability; “my therapy in the open air”.

I like sharing and conviviality, I learn from everyone, I transmit without unsaid, without censorship.

I am open-minded and adapt to the individual. I share their joys and fears.

The mountain makes me happy and alive, I imagine that for many it is the same thing. As we go through life we look for ourselves and build experiences, which influence our choices and our behaviour. Nothing is set in stone, I insist on remaining in a quest for personal progression in order to keep the idea that I can do even better and feel even better in this element.

Fabien Blanco

CEO & Founder

100% organic! Experience in aerobatics and cross country. Trainer of trainers and instructors. Trainer of the flying courses for the French team. Practices mountaineering, climbing, Hike&fly. Passionate pilot.

Malin Lobb, co-dirigeant et pilote chef à Flyeo. Photo du visage avec le lac Annecy en fond

A love teaching and playing in the mountains.

Teaching advanced paragliding in the form of SIV is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Delving in to the mind of the students, analysing their fears and how they behave under stress, sharing technical knowledge that could one day save their lives, seeing a confidence emerge that will unlock the endless possibilities that this sport has to offer keeps me motivated to become the best instructor I can be. Being able to share my passion, watch my students grow and evolve over the course is immensely rewarding.

The main focus of my personal flying revolves around competitions, flying two liners as fast and efficiently as possible against.

Through competitions I have been lucky enough to make the British Team several times, representing queen and country has been a great honour. I created the British Paragliding Racing Academy to formalize training for the current and future British team. In a short space of time some amazing people and myself doubled the amount of PWC pilots in the UK and gained a European champion within two years.

I regularly write for Cross Country Magazine, the biggest paragliding magazine in the world.

Through the advancement of sports psychology and paragliding equipment, our sport and it turn the way we teach is constantly evolving. The desire to stay at the forefront of this ever changing sport is not only my personal goal but one that is shared by all of the staff at Flyeo.

Photo de Malin Lobb, co-dirigeant et chef pilote chez Flyeo. Vu de son quart haut avec le lac Annecy en arrière plan

Malin Lobb

Partner & Chief instructor

Malin moved to the Annecy region with his family for the love of flying. Founder of the British Racing Academy, he loves above all cross country and xc competitions.

Flyeo instructor team

In his last year of training to pass the paragliding monitorat, Régis is very attentive to his students. Allergic to computers and screens, you will find him in his element under a wing or in nature.

Regis Martin

Paragliding instructor

Loves paragliding

Photo de la monitrice de parapente Flyeo Barbara (Barbie) Frédière. Elle tient à la main un parapente et sourit à la camera

Passionate about the mountains, I started with climbing and skiing. A nice birthday present brought me to paragliding 10 years ago. I realised a childhood dream: to fly.
Paragliding soon took up a lot of my time in the mountains. I started by doing a lot of aerobatics and then I joined the women’s national team in distance in 2016.
Today I enjoy hike&fly, cross country or aerobatics but also sharing this passion by teaching or tandem flying.

Photo de la monitrice de parapente Flyeo Barbara (Barbie) Frédière. Elle tient à la main un parapente et sourit à la camera


Paragliding instructor

On skis in winter or under a wing in summer. Calm and reassuring, Barbara aka Barbie, shares her passion with enthusiasm. Offer her a Bowl of Chacha on occasion, she will gladly share her experiences!

Flyeo tandem team

Photo de la tandem manager de Flyeo, Juliette Trichet. Juliette en trois quart haut sourit sur un fond de lac et montagne

A globetrotter at heart, I discovered paragliding in New Zealand, in Queenstown, land of adventure.
Although not a pilot myself (one of the few black sheep in the team in this field!), I nevertheless share the passion of the pilots for this sport which offers such a feeling of freedom, but also share the experience of our clients, conquered by the trip and quite happy to leave the expertise to talented pilots, but confident that we will always be in good hands!
Apart from paragliding, my hobbies include hiking and dancing, my great passion. My incongruous skill is English linguistics and the invented languages of Tolkien!
After living in several English-speaking countries, I’m back in France and what better place to settle than in the Annecy region? It’s hard to compete

Photo de la tandem manager de Flyeo, Juliette Trichet. Juliette en trois quart haut sourit sur un fond de lac et montagne

Juliette Trichet

Tandem Manager

Juliette is in charge of organising the tandem flights for the season’s future passengers. She is not yet a solo pilot, but she loved her first flights and will be able to share her experience with you!

Que des aventures, la belle vie pour un profil idéal

A.N. Other

Quelqu’un d’autre

Avec une belle aventure, qui est top bien sûr