Two reserve parachutes are hanging, fully deployed, on a washing line waiting to be repacked

Reserve repack

Flyeo instructors can repack your round, square, steerable or any other shape reserve parachute

We re-pack all models of reserve parachutes, whatever the shape

Doing a SIV course? it is mandatory your reserve parachute has been re-packed within the last six months. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment and we will take care of it for you!

Vue de dessus d'un parachute secours carré ouvert avec un pilote dessous et une étendue d'eau en arrière plan
Square reserve
Vus de trois quarts qui montre un parachiute secours rond ouvert de dessous
Round reserve
vue de dessus d'un secours dirigeable déployé avec son pilote dessous qui le dirige au dessus d'un plan d'eau
Steerable reserve

Please contact us at least 7 days before your course or you need your gear back to make an appointment.

We need to ensure our instructors are available for the repack to be sure we can do it on time.

Unfold and put your rescue to air: it is imperative that your reserve is well aired up for at least 24 hours before the repack, so that we eliminate static electricity that has developed in the material.

We will not be able to repack if that has not been done beforehand. We can unfold and air your reserve at Flyeo, but please allow one or two more days, in that case, for the repack.

If you wish to attend the replack of your reserve and its refitting in your harness, in order to learn the technique and see how it is done, please let us know when making your appointment so that we can arrange it.

If you are taking a SIV course with Flyeo, it is imperative that your reserve has been repacked by an approved professional within the last six months.

Otherwise, recommendations vary from one parachute manufacturer to another, so please make sure to check with them. Generally, it is recommended to get your reserve repacked every six months to one year.

As part of a rescue repack, our certified instructors visually check all the attachment points to the rescue, deploys the reserve in full, making sure it has been aired long enough and repack it according to the techniques recommended by manufacturers. The service includes:

  • Full deployment of the reserve and airing fully opened for a sufficient time
  • Detachment from the harness and visual inspection of all the attachment points
  • Re-packing of the reserve as per the manufacturer instructions
  • Re-attachment of the reserve to the harness, securing anchor points as needed
  • Re-fitting of the reserve in the harness as per the harness manufacturer instructions

Price : from 45€ to 85€

The cost is based on the shape of the reserve since each shape has a different level of complexity and thus time required for a full repack:

  • Round reserve repack: 45€
  • Square reserve repack: 65€
  • Steerable reserve repack: 85€

Please note that the GIN Yeti UL model is considered as a square reserve while Rogallo models (such as the Beamer 3) are considered as steerable reserves in the above fee schedule.

Book your repack

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