Flyeo Shop – Clearance

All products, new and second-hand are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Flyeo is doing some spring cleaning… All products in our shop inventory, new and second hand, must go! It’s is a great opporunity to grab a bargain. And there is no lead time, we are ready to ship!

Take a look at our inventory below. Each card represents a product we currently have in stock and we are discounting for sales. Use the filter control to core on the product you are after. The information provided on each card is explained after the inventory table below.

Please note that the price does not include shipping. We will let you know how much it is, based on your delivery address and the product type once you contact us.

You have done your selection? Click on the “Info” button to contact us to buy. If you prefer a form in English, send a message from this form. Make sure to state what products you are after!

How to read the product cards:

  • The product name is at the top of the card
  • Brand is the manufacturer brand
  • State says weather it is a new product or second hand (but still quite new-ish in general)
  • Product type is either “Wing”, “Harness” or “Reserve”. For now. Great deals on instruments soon too!
  • Size is the product size, where relevant
  • Retail Price (inc VAT) is the product retail price as new
  • Flyeo price (inc VAT) is our great offer to you
  • Client Saving is how much you would safe Vs buying retail new
  • Remarks give further information about the product (but please contact us for more information if needed)