NEW 2025: SIV course NEW ZEALAND

We are excited to offer once again, SIV courses in New Zealand in Feb 2025 with our instructor Malin.

Want to know how we work? Watch the video below:

We focus on two things:

1 – Piloting: How you control your wing with precision, feeling, and authority, which will allow you to manage incidents effectively.

2 – Psychology or self-knowledge: We must know how we will react in moments of stress.

We bring focus to your thought process before and during an incident with mental preparation, with this training you can situate yourself in the right frame of mind to make the correct action in the present moment. Your fears and doubts will be blocking your physical actions, so if you have not reached your full potential and you want to exploit them more, then this course is for you.

“One of the keys to success is self-confidence. One of the keys to self-confidence is preparation”.

Each of our debriefs throughout the course will focus on these two themes above (technical action/self-knowledge).

This personalised coaching will result in an assessment of your technical and mental skills, as well as a list of exercises to do at home to automate the situations acquired during the course.

The pilot:

To learn optimally you need to be in a good mood and come with an open mind to learning new things. You need to be ready to step outside of your comfort zone, just a little to not get excessively stressed but enough to learn and discover new sensations.

Be motivated by the personalized content of this course.

Be ready to communicate openly, without fear of judgment with the coach.

Before the start of the course, you will join our bespoke software and have access to content covering areas such as goal setting, sports psychology, mental preparation, some tests of your knowledge, our methodologies, how to launch your rescue, videos on maneuvers, how we behave under stress and much more.

All this information will allow you to start effective visualization for a smoother transition into your course.

Get ready with our article on the 4 fundamentals!

The instructor:

On our side, we are putting in place a good working environment:

  • An individual form is to be completed before the course, which allows the coach to imagine a personalized program.
  • Bespoke software filled with knowledge to prepare you for the course.
  • Individual discussions, several times a day to monitor your progress and adapt the program.
  • A pleasant environment to promote learning, spacious and quiet classrooms, comfortable shuttles, a personalized daily rhythm
  • Educational materials, videos, mental and technical sheets.

The learning will begin long before the start of our course. The information you read or watch on the software will already begin to change your flying. The SIV course itself is only a small part of your journey. We will learn how to use personalized tools to continue your learning after the course is finished. As the old saying goes:

“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”.

We offer a methodology based on a real understanding of you, the pilot.

You are the most important factor under your wing, and we will not be there after the course, therefore you must commit to truly learning each manoeuvre to be able to use it when it really matters.

This is why we base our teachings on your piloting actions and your precision in different situations.

We accompany you on the radio, and each exercise will be debriefed immediately. You will repeat the manoeuvre as many times as necessary for your brain to carry out the exercise with full situational awareness.

We will help guide you with brief instructions to work on each technical point as they arise.

This course is based on personal development and not only on the reproduction of manoeuvres.

  • We realised that reproducing simulation exercises in a short time, 2 or 3 days, just increased the ego by satisfying it to have carried out certain manoeuvres without truly integrating the skills to use them in real-time.
  • We also noticed that only 10% of our students reproduced what they had done during the course, which is too few, remember we all learn at different speeds.
  • As a result, we conclude that simulating manoeuvres is easy when you are in a supported environment but taking responsibility for doing it alone requires awareness of what you are doing to limit the risks.
  • So that’s why we are trained in mental preparation in addition to being coaches for the technical aspects.
  • Flyeo instructors are fully qualified BHPA instructors and Flyeo is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school as well as a Fédération française de vol libre (FFVL) registered school.

February 2025

12th to 14th Feb

16th to 18th Feb

20th to 22nd Feb

24th to 26th Feb

Price : 400€ per day

(accommodation & transport not included)


3 days


Pilots with previous experience


Cromwell (near Queenstown)


Malin Lobb


You must have personal insurance and 3rd party liability insurance.

You must have a wing, a harness with back protection, and a helmet certified for flying.

Your reserve must be packed, certified by a club, or REPACKED within the last 6 months.

We supply life jackets and headsets.