A paragliding student begins his take-off under the sustained attention of his instructor during a paragliding initiation course. The paraglider is above the student's head, he runs to take off

Paragliding Elementary pilot course (BHPA EP)

Do you dream of flying on your own? Join us to discover the joys of flying with Flyeo’s paragliding lessons. This is the first step on the BHPA qualification courses

  • You want to learn to fly a paraglider and have no experience
  • All paragliding equipment is included for the duration of the course
  • It is a 5 day course
  • Your weight should be a maximum of 90kg if you don’t already have your own equipment.

If you want to learn to paraglide with little or no experience and progress to the stage of truly getting your feet off the ground and flying like a bird.

The syllabus is as follows for paragliding lessons:

Introductory talk – Site assessment briefing – Introduction to canopy and equipment – Avoiding/minimising injury.

Briefing- Pre-flight checks – Preparation – Putting on your paraglider and equipment – Inflation – Take off’s with the glider – Directional control.

Getting airborne – Low level flights.

Eventualities briefing – Commands and communications briefing – Responsibilities briefing Flights – Maintaining course and airspeed Flights – Introducing turns flights – Completing simple flight plans.

Phase 5: THEORY
Meteorology – Principles of flight – Rules of the air and air law

  • Flyeo is a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered school as well as a Fédération française de vol libre (FFVL) registered school.
  • Our approach to pedagogy is to constantly question, develop and improve in order to bring you the best methods for instructions. We want to exceed your expectations!

Price : 750€ / 5 days

Fully accredited school


Max. : 90kg

You must be insured by the French FFVL to be part part of our courses. (here is how to take your licence).

What you will be learning on

All equipment is provided. We mostly use single-skin wings for teaching.

These wings are particularly suited to learning as they are lighter, more compact, and easier to launch.

Since we are likely to discover new sites during the course, you will also appreciate how easy it is to carry them on your back to launch.