Dudek Hike & Cruise – First impression

Our team takes the Dudek Hike & Cruise for a flight and share their experience on this new light but performance orientated wing.

3 in 1 Technology

In the Hike&Cruise construction, we used our innovative 3-to-1 technology, thanks to which we obtained a paraglider weighing 2.37 – 2,73 kg with 65* cells and an aspect ratio of 5.6. The specificity of the 3-to-1 technology allowed to obtain a high level of safety (EN A/B), thanks to which the world of XC and bivouac flights opened up to intermediate recreational pilots.


Here is an explainer on this new technology:

Technical data

Here are the technical data for this new paraglider

Table des caractéristiques du parapente Hike & Cruise de Dudek

Where to buy?

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