Nowadays applications are on all our phones and in great numbers.

Some are more useful or efficient than others, so we have chosen to give you our top 5 sorted by theme.

For the weather

Meteo Parapente

Probably the most popular application among paragliders. Created by Nicolas Baldek, it is available for free. However, in order to have access to all the days of the week, a participation of 36€/year (or 24€/year for students) is required. 
You can see the airspace as well as the wind, humidity, temperature and lift. The flight sites are also identified on the map.

Meteo Blue

Free access for this more general and accurate application. It provides 7-day forecasts, meteograms, satellite and radar views and a 3-day wind map. Meteo blue uses its own weather models combined with those of third parties (GFS22, COSMO2 and AROME2 for example).

Radar bonus: Meteo Swiss
Often very useful for identifying rainy areas, Meteo Swiss is an accurate application in this area and monitors love it! Perfect for pilots living in the Annecy area.

To choose your flight site


This application gathers data from weather beacons and cameras near the sites. Pilots can thus find the sites that can be flown live according to their orientation. It is also possible for users to publish “Shakas“, i.e. comments (“it’s good” or “it’s shitty”) to confirm or not the information of the beacons in real time.

Relief Map

Visualisation is the word that defines this application. Want to know how high the mountain is? Where to go at the end of your transition? With Relief Map, the terrain is easily recognizable and it is now easier to visualize your flight on the plains or in the mountains. Some hiking routes are also accessible!

For cross country

XC Track

Cross country pilots of all levels swear by this application, in competition or not, XC Track allows you to record markers to plan your distance flight. The screen is customizable according to your goals and desires. However, the application is quite energy consuming and it is good to have an external battery or to lower the brightness of the phone. The tracks are recorded and it is possible to activate the live tracking to share your flight with your friends!

I hope you find these applications useful if you don't know them yet, but nothing beats being at the take off to observe the conditions!


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