Un parapente jaune avec son pilote volent au dessus du lac Annecy

Are you ready to touch the dream of Icarus over the most paragliding lake in the world? This will be an intense week physically and mentally but incredibly rewarding.

Une personne tient un téléphone portable sur lequel une app dédiée au paraptente est ouverte devant un parapente au décollage au col de la forclaz

We are using an ever increasing number of applications on our mobiles. Paragliding being a sport that requires careful planning, here too, numerous applications are dedicated to making pilot’s life easier.

Paragliding wing walking Ever wondered how to wing walk? Well, Fabien gives us a masterclass on how to get it done!

A paragliding pilot stalls his wing on purpose, the paraglider holds back behind the pilot and is croissant shaped

When we teach SIV at Flyeo we are looking for four fundamentals from pilots, skills that when possessed mean the pilot can deal with any situation that they are faced with.