A pilot and his passenger under their orange paragliding wing have just taken off with the blue lake in the background and the green take off carpet in the foreground

A tandem paragliding flight costs 120 € on average in Annecy. Depending on the type of flight and the school you choose, the price varies from 80 € to 175 € for a typical flight. We tell you more below and show you a price comparison table for Annecy at the end of this article.

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Two orange tandem paragliders with a passenger and pilot each fly on the top of one another over the blue lake Annecy

Tandem paragliding with a professional pilot is highly safe, comparable to hiking or running, and 15 times safer than driving. Solo paragliding under instruction is also safe, but leisure solo paragliding and tandem paragliding where the pilot is not a professional presents more risk, although there are ways to mitigate it.

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