Un pilote et sa passagère font le tapis volant, leurs selletes étant doucement posée sur la voile du parapente d'en dessous

The Flyeo team makes the most of a break between two paragliding tandem flights to… do more tandem paragliding Watch the video made by our pilots in flight.

Trois parapents aux couleurs orange de Flyeo volent en formation au dessus du lac d'annecy

We are often asked how a tandem paragliding flight takes place. Flyeo is very proud of its customer service. We only ask you to meet us at our address 15 minutes before your booking time. We then take care of everything, you just need to relax!

A bright orange paragliding wing is being inflated by a pilot with his passenger ready to take off on the green take off carpet with the blue lake Annecy in the background

As you consider joining the thousands of people that are paragliding for the first time each month, there are a few things you probably didn’t know about tandem paragliding. We tell you all here.

A pilot and his passenger under their orange paragliding wing have just taken off with the blue lake in the background and the green take off carpet in the foreground

A tandem paragliding flight costs 120 € on average in Annecy. Depending on the type of flight and the school you choose, the price varies from 80 € to 175 € for a typical flight. We tell you more below and show you a price comparison table for Annecy at the end of this article.

Two orange tandem paragliders with a passenger and pilot each fly on the top of one another over the blue lake Annecy

Tandem paragliding is highly safe, comparable to hiking or running, and 15 times safer than driving. Solo paragliding under instruction is also safe, but leisure solo paragliding presents more risk, although there are ways to mitigate it.

Come to Annecy between May and September and look up from the Lake. You will be surprised to see so many paragliders gliding gracefully through the sky. Sometimes well over 200 to 300 hundreds! You may ask yourself: Why is there so much paragliding in Annecy?