Ground handling and soaring course Dune du Pilat

From the 12 to the 16 of July 2021

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Dune du Pilat Course

Is this for you?

  • Do you want to improve your ground handling skills
  • Learn high wind canopy control
  • Learn advanced launching techniques (cobra launch etc)
  • Rack up your hours flying in the smooth sea breeze
  • Learn foot-dragging and other cool wagga skills
  • Look at the different techniques for launching, soaring and landing.


  • The Flyeo trademark way of instructing is personalised coaching. We aim to give you the technical knowledge so you can reproduce the techniques in your personal training.
  • The Flyeo pedagogy is based on the fundamentals of the pilot’s actions, one of them being wing control and understanding and mastering it, the course is based around this to improve your overall flying career.


  • Starting with the basics of ground handling i.e good positioning for your body, wing, wind and the slope.
  • Learn canopy control in various wind conditions
  • Wagga skills
  • Learn different launch techniques
  • Learn to soar (Positioning, crabbing, priority rules)


This is a 6 day course. The subjects we are going to cover will be:

The basics of ground handling

  • Knowledge about the window of wind
  • Several ways to take your brakes
  • Good positioning for your wing, wind and the slope
  • To be careful of the environment around you
  • Relax your body in the harness and keep your mind calm
  • Inflation intensity
  • Different types of control/catch pitch
  • How to empty your glider of sand
  • Different way to stall the glider (on the ground) and catch it in windy conditions

Advance ground handling techniques

  • Backfly
  • Static and balance
  • simple kiting lift technique
  • Jumps
  • Cobra launch
  • Barefoot slow/fast and jibe
  • Spinning on the ground


  • Different shape of slope
  • Different intensity and wind orientation

In the air

  • Soaring (Positioning, crabbing, priorities rules, wind strength)
  • How to take pointers about ground speed
  • Relief reading/routing
  • Different way of pitch/control/acceleration kill (Stop energy before climb pumping)
  • Roll techniques
  • Sliding trajectories and wagga


  • Approach construction
  • Cross wind/slope
  • Top landings & accuracy
  • Pumping; how and why

Safety Points

  • Weather and aerology evolution
  • Other pilots/trajectories/rules
  • Euphoria/excess of confidence
  • Tiredness/dehydration/sunstroke
  • Wing full of sand
  • Water and stream
  • Sunbathers and other obstacles


  • You must be insured.
  • Your wing must be in flight-ready condition and recently reviewed by a professional.
  • Speed-bar.
  • Radio charged.
  • We would prefer to see you with your normal paraglider and not a very old wing that is near to the end of its life.


Price per student for the 5-day course to learn wing control in strong winds is: 600 Euros

Meeting point: Dune Du Pyla, nearest Airport Bordeaux (BOD), 40 minutes drive from Dune Du Pyla.

Accommodation and flights booked separately.



600€ / 5 days

State-certified instructors