29 August 2018

SIV Pilotage Course

FLYEO is famous for its flight incident simulation courses (SIV). Thanks to FLYEO's world renowned coaches, we redefine what SIV means: approaching it from a completely different mentality and philosophy, in order to make our students safe, confident and understanding pilots.


• You are a qualified pilot who wishes to learn about pilotage and a greater understanding of why we practice these manoeuvres.

• You are out of currency on SIV and Pilotage and wish to revisit and progress your skills.

• You can launch and land (relatively) autonomously.

• Whatever your level, SIV-pilotage courses allow you to perfect your paragliding technique, to evolve your performance and safety


• Understand Flyeo's fundamentals of pilotage and paragliding, applicable to all aspects of flying.

• Understand the importance of our mental headspace and how it directly affects our flying.

• Optimise our rapid descent techniques.

• To ensure that YOU the pilot, finishes the course having increased your knowledge and confidence, gained new skills and manoeuvres applicable to your everyday flying and reduce any personal gaps in your flying.


• The syllabus of our SIV paragliding courses at FLYEO is personalised according to the pilots level.

• Introduction of the fundamental aspects of psychology of paragliding: The ability to analyse our personal flying psychology and how to optimise it through our body language and various mental exercises is crucial to maximise our available flying bandwidth.

Understanding and trusting FLYEO's 4 fundamentals of flying:

• Trusting our harness: Being able to fully sit back in our harness, and ensuring we have a correct seating position is vital, we cannot effectively pilot the wing if we are not fully sat back into the harness with full connection to harness.

• Disassociating our hands: Being able to unlearn the instinct of falling without putting our arms out is crucial towards building solid pilotage skills. Over-piloting our wing in thermic air can easily lead towards cascade events. Developing comfort and relaxed hand movements if we exceed tilt angles over 30 degrees in rough air is crucial for a pilot to be safe and efficient.

• Using our full brake range: Being able to fully trust our brake range if the situation arises that we have to catch a dive or surge is crucial during high energy manoeuvres. On the other end of the scale being able to put our hands fully up to pulleys is crucial in letting the glider fly and not unconsciously holding brake pressure.

• Situational awareness: Possibly the most important fundamental as it applicable to so many situations. Being able to build an instinctive 3D map of our movement through the air is something that we build through currency and time under our wing. As we master this skill, we build instinct in our reactions as well being able to predict and anticipate our movement, leaving nothing to the unknown.

Classroom Debriefs

• Debriefing each flight is just as important as the flight itself: Every day finishes with individual classroom video debriefs using cutting edge technology to break down and analyses every aspect of the flight; ensuring you fully understand what to improve for the next flight.


• Flyeo instructors are fully qualified and highly experienced pilots in ALL disciplines of paragliding. We fly regularly to adapt to changing conditions and to review new equipment.

• Our pedagogy is to constantly question, in order to develop and improve to bring you the best methods for instructing. We want to exceed your expectations!


• You must be insured.

• Your reserve must be packed, certified by a club or REPACKED within the last 6 months. We can do the packing before the course, price from €45. Contact us to confirm an appointment if you want your reserve packed by Flyeo.

• Charged Radio (a water proof bag to protect it will be provided). Flyeo no longer provides Radio's for SIV courses. We have radios for sale in the shop, ready for purchase.

• We lend out headsets for Kenwood, Midland, Icom and Yeasu radios, so please bring a headset for any other brands.